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The Coronavirus Covid-19 situation was such in early March 2020 that we decided, with great sadness, to cancel ACCU 2020. People who were going to attend, as presenters or attenders, reported they also were sad at missing ACCU 2020, but that it was the right thing to have done in the circumstances.

Planning is now underway for ACCU 2021 (2021-03-09 for pre-conference workshops and 2021-03-10 to 2021-03-13 for the conference itself at the Bristol Marriott City Centre). More details on the conference specific page.

We are also planning ACCU Autumn 2021 (2021-10-04 and 2021-10-05 at the Hilton Hotel, Belfast.

We are hoping that the Covid-19 pandemic situation will not interfere with either of these conference happening.

ACCU Conference News
  • Schedule Web App
    4 April 2018

    For ACCU 2017, Austin Bingham of Sixty North created an ACCU conference schedule Web application implemented in Elm. After the conference he donated the code to the ACCU Conference. Sadly, despite lots of good intentions, it has not been developed over the year. It seems though right to have it running anyway. So the ACCU 2018 schedule Web application is at https://testconference.accu.org/schedule_app/ If you do want to get stuck in to helping to develop the Web app the master Git repository is at https://github.

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  • Updated Website
    14 November 2016

    After some stress and a lot of work, we think we may, just may, have sorted the major problems with the session proposal submission system. This is not to say the system is pretty, but it should be functional: people should be able to register, then login, then submit, and even amend their proposals. I am hoping that next year, this will all be a lot smoother. And prettier.

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  • ACCUConf Website In A Flask
    12 September 2016

    A month and a half ago we said we would "release early, release often". Well we released early, but it has been a while since we released anything – so not exactly often. However, a release has come, in fact it happened an hour or so ago. The core of the change is that whilst this blog and other static pages are still static and managed with Nikola, we now have a Flask wrapper and driver for the material.

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  • The ACCU Conference Website Emerges
    27 July 2016

    In previous years the ACCU Conference website was just a part of the ACCU website using the same content management system. This year we are branching out and creating a website for the conference that is separate from the main ACCU website. As many of you will know the ACCU website has moved and completed changed infrastructure, it is this revolution that has enabled separation of the technologies for the main website and the conference website.

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ACCU 2021 News

ACCU Autumn 2021 News